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Support for energy managers while the war: Volodymyr Synytsia

Support for energy managers while the war: Volodymyr Synytsia

On the eve of the new year, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law on Energy Efficiency. Many of Ecoclub’s plans were related to it, including the promotion of energy management, training of officials and the development of local solutions.

Because of the war, most of them are on pause. But we support people in the communities who built Ukraine’s energy independence before the war and will continue to do so after the victory. And now they have lost their jobs, their homes or otherwise suffered due to russian armed aggression.

One of the energy managers we supported with 100 euros is Volodymyr Synytsia. Volodymyr worked in one of the cities of Zaporizhzhia oblast as a chief specialist-energy manager for 2 years.

“I am proud that during this time I have discovered a lot of new things in the direction of building a municipal energy management system. During this time, I was able to join the implementation of a number of projects, including the Covenant of Mayors initiative and participate in the development of the Action Plan for Sustainable Energy Development and Climate Change in the City until 2030.

In addition, my area of ​​responsibility was holding events as part of the Energy Days. I attended many trainings and conferences, received a set of energy managers, entered data into the electronic system of monitoring energy consumption by public sector institutions. Thanks to my work in the field of energy management, I visited Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhzhia, and met many people.

However, unfortunately, my professional activity was interrupted due to the war. I’m very sorry for all the work.”

With your help, we have already helped 29 energy managers with financial support in the amount of 100 euros, 5 received products and things, and we have 5 more applications for support.

Please, support people who continue to build the country’s energy independence:

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