Sustainable energy

Sustainable energy

Why it is important for us

Nowadays energy sphere is mostly based on fossil fuel usage, which leads to greenhouse gas emissions and, consequently, climate change. Nuclear energy is also far from perfect. Although it does not pollute the atmosphere, it produces radioactive waste. In Ukraine, the waste does not recycle but is put into a storage reservoir without any long-term solution. 

Sustainable energy — is a set of measures that aim to establish technologies based on renewable energy and effective energy consumption.

What is our goal?

We want to achieve a fair transition to sustainable energy. This transition should ensure decent living conditions for all workers that will be affected by a shortage of fossil fuel energy facilities. 

What we are doing to achieve our goal?

Ecoclub constantly conducts training dedicated to efficient energy usage and implementation of renewable energy. 

Ecoclub influences local communities to support initiatives that change approaches to energy management. 

The most notable initiatives:

•       Energy management and energy monitoring;

•       Energy service contracts;

•       Revolving fund;

•       Energy cooperative;

•       Energy audit;

•       Thermal examination;

•       Housing cooperatives;

•       Road map of sustainable energy and climate development

The Ecoclub influences government institutions by commenting on legislative acts, submitting public statements and actions, and participating in associations that carry out such activities. 

What results we have achieved?

Ecoclub helped to create an energy cooperative and a couple of revolving funds. We also created a middle-term energy efficiency program and conducted hackathon in the sphere of energy efficiency in medical institutions

Our partners

NGO “Ecodia”, NGO “Ecoltava”, Heinrich Böll Foundation, and Voznesensk Economic Development Agency

How can I help Ecoclub?

  • Analyze data in the energy sphere 
  • Contact local authorities to support some of our projects
  • Post information on our website and social media


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