Ukrainians will be taught to become energy independent! – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Ukrainians will be taught to become energy independent!

Energy independence is growing in cities within Ukraine. In May, the All-Ukrainian Information Tour “Energy Independence – Our Common Thing” was held.

How to save energy in everyday life, gain energy independence for your own home, how to “make” the sun work for you, and how to make cities greener are some of the topics that were discussed. Activists and experts from leading environmental protection organizations talked about these and other eco-curiosities.

This year, on May 21-31, activists visited 6 cities: Kherson (22.05), Nikolaev (23.05), Odessa (25.05), Chernivtsi (28.05), Ivano-Frankivsk (29.05), Uzhgorod (31.05).
In each of the cities, activists did the following:
– Expanded an informational exhibition where interested persons received useful advice on insulation, as well as new mechanisms for financing energy efficiency measures (energy service contracts, revolving funds);
– showcased the action of solar panels and water heaters, as well as, the oscillator, which can charge you phone, or make coffee, all of which is solared powered;
– arrange themed photo sessions;
– provide bicycles for rent, and discussed information about their maintance;
– met with local authorities and journalists about how to make the city energy-independent, safe, and comfortable;
– collected petition signatures requesting more funds to finance energy efficiency measures.

The Tour organizers including the following : NGO “Ecoclub” in partnership with the National Ecological Center of Ukraine, the OPORA Civic Network, and the Association of Cyclists of Kyiv. The tour is supported by the European Union, the Austrian Development Agency, the Austrian Red Cross, the Heinrich Böll Fundation, Swedish Society for the Conservation of Nature, Norwegian Society for the Protection of Nature, and the Ukrainian Climate Network.
Join us for more information, because energy independence is our common cause!