Ecoclub visited “Days of Sustainable Energy” in Chortkiv – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Ecoclub visited “Days of Sustainable Energy” in Chortkiv

On May 19-20, Ecoclub visited Chortkiv (Ternopil oblast). As part of the celebration of Sustainable Energy Days, activists held an renewable energy exhibition, told visitors about the benefits of solar technology and shared their experiences in energy efficiency.

Illia Yeremenko, Project Coordinator of Ecoclub, conducted an interactive lecture on energy saving and energy efficiency for schoolchildren. According to Illya’s moderates, the children discussed and compiled a list of requirements for Chortkiv’s mayor. More parks, cycling, sports grounds and solving the problem with homeless animals – here are some points from the list of issues that concern schoolchildren. We plan to send an orderly application of these requirements in the near future to the mayor.

18589099_329400770810635_5439285545944809365_o 18558621_329400960810616_7846374769892126545_oAndriy Martynyuk, Chairman of Ecoclub, also during the celebration demonstrated how solar installations work are used to generate electricity and heat water.

“Today, in Ukraine, there are no fundamental barriers for implementing energy efficient measures and creating new facilities to use renewable energy sources,” Andrew believes. – We need to invest resources in energy efficiency and the development of “green” energy. The state will not be able to finance it from the budget, so we need to attract private investment. Namely, through educational activities like the Days of Sustainable Energy. By giving Ukrainians an understanding of how solar energy works, and how each of us today can use it for our own needs we can lead to a better, greener future. ”

The environmental officer stressed that the development of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources will certainly affect the development of cities and towns, because it involves job creation, increase in tax revenue, and will lead to more energy independence in our country.

Another activist at the event was Oleksandr Stepanenko. Oleksandr is the executive director of NGO “Green World” in Chortkiv. When asked why he is promoting energy conservation Oleksandr answered:

“Energy efficiency is very relevant for Chortkiv, as well as for many cities. Much of our budget is invested in energy and as a result, communal enterprises are difficult to develop. For example, a local water utility spends almost all its earnings on energy consumption. For the first time, we have been pushing for power to look for new ways to reduce energy consumption, and something has already been done in the city and yields its results: replaced pump equipment of the same water channel, and replaced by more sophisticated street lighting. Therefore, we are interested in conducting such educational events through which experienced community organizations can share their experiences. This is a good format for dialogue and cooperation. ”

The other aspects in this program included: panel discussions, student quests, bike rides, and exhibitions of energy-saving equipment.

Ecoclub is grateful for the invitation to participate for NGO “Green World” as well as the city authorities of Chortkiv, and Svyatoslav Markov, executive director of the company “EnergoConsult KOM” for the solar equipment provided.

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* Sustainable Energy Days – is an annual urban festival under the Covenant of Mayors, and was conceived by the European Commission. It was created as a multi-day “mobilization” of residents, politicians, entrepreneurs, and representatives of civic organizations to collaborate together on the prospects of production and energy consumption in the city, region, country, and world.

The purpose of the Days are, first of all, to raise awareness of local communities about modern ways of saving energy and wider understanding of renewable energy sources in line with the European policy to counter global climate change.