Where you can look for money and what is the efficient on condominiums – An Ecoclub lecture in Slavuta (Khmelnytsk oblast) – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Where you can look for money and what is the efficient on condominiums – An Ecoclub lecture in Slavuta (Khmelnytsk oblast)

There are a number of financial instruments in Ukraine (energy service contracts, revolving funds, state lending programs), which allow Ukrainians to raise money for the insulation of their homes as well as other energy efficiency measures. How to use them,  where to begin, the insulation of the house,  the benefits of condominiums, and how to manage it effectively, were just some of the topics discussed by Ecoclub and other groups as well as the heads of condos in Slavuta.

On June 20, the Ecoclub organized a training for the heads of the existing condos in Slavuta (Khmelnytsk oblast). During the three hours the participants discussion included  how to create condos, financial and economic activities of condominiums, a formula for success in solving conflict situations, and methods of combating debtors.

Energy Efficiency Expert Mykhailo Lucyanyk presented various lending programs on energy efficiency, presenting activities that can be implemented at home to save money and resources, which included their turnaround and payback periods. According to Lucyanyk, each of us can do something to improve energy efficiency in our apartments, however the most effective measurements are those implemented at an entire apartment complex level.

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Talks turned somewhat emotional about condominium reform and the benefits of such an association can have over other forms of government, including managing companies. “The inhabitants of big cities are well-informed, as well as have enough information on the advantages and opportunities of condominiums. However, in small towns people still have many doubts about the expediency and success of the reform, – commented Olesy Burdyuk, Coordinator on Ecoclub’s condo initiative. “Through these educational activities, we seek to dispel these doubts and show people how they can combine different programs and mechanisms to improve the energy efficiency of their home, improve comfort, and save money.”

In Rivne, similar events for condos are organized by Ecoclub each month. During the meetings the relevant issues for condominiums are discussed, such as: the registration of condos, insulation, accounting and documentation, as well as the arrangement of playgrounds.

If you would like to attend a meeting, please contact us for more details.