Energy independence is our common deal! – Ecoclub Rivne is an environmental NGO

Energy independence is our common deal!

On June 24 and 25, in the Korolenko square in Rivne, the activists of Ecoclub launched an exhibition to demonstrate how solar water heaters work.

According to environmentalists, the state budget for 2017 allocated a 60 times less for energy efficiency than energy subsidies. However, we believe that energy efficiency should be among the first priorities of our government. Thanks to the effective implementation of environmental measures and the economical use of energy resources, we can refuse to import gas, take care of the environment, and create new jobs.

In order to achieve cost savings and energy independence at the level of apartments, houses, towns, and states, eco-activists have organized a street action called “Energy Independence – Our Common Deal!”.

“Energy saving and energy efficiency are the only ways for the state to develop in the next 20 years. It will allow the country to grow economically and provide a comfortable life for the population,” commented Dmytro Sakalyuk, an energy efficiency expert of Ecoclub. – Energy independence is our common deal, we need everyone’s contribution to a clean and secure future for the country. That`s why we are organizing  events, visiting different cities, communicating with people, sharing  simple and practical tips: where to get money for home insulation, how to create and effectively manage condominiums, how to collect a solar water heater on your own. “, – convinced activists of Ecoclub.

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The activists provided passers-by with advice on how to save energy in everyday life, share materials about energy, climate change, and development of cycling in cities. You can see them in the online library at the Ecoclub website:

During those two days, activists obtained over 70 signatures for a petition calling for more government funds to finance energy efficiency measures.

The event was held in the style of the European Week of Sustainable Energy in Ukraine, as well as, an all-Ukrainian information tour “Energy Independence – Our Common Deal!” (which took place in May and traveled to 10 Ukrainian cities), with the financial support of the CLEEN project and the representation of the Henrich Boll Foundation in Ukraine.