Ecoclub joined the working group on the development of a regional energy efficiency program

80% of its time and resources, the Ecoclub is committed to raising local energy efficiency. Why? Because energy efficiency:
– it is saved and aimed at improving the welfare of the community funds (new kindergartens, hospitals, roads);
– creation of new jobs;
– taxes to the local budget (due to the provision of insulation services, for example, local business is developing);
– preservation of the environment and climate (less energy is extracted and burned – less carbon emissions into the atmosphere – greater chances to adapt to climate change and survive);
– Improving the quality of life (warmer in homes – happier people).

For 3 years we are working on improving energy efficiency in Rivne region and we have good news for you – our region has a huge potential in it.
In order to implement it and become a leader in the implementation of energy-efficient measures, the Ecoclub joined the elaboration of the main document of the region, which decides in which direction we will move in the near future – the regional energy efficiency program of 2017-2025.

Today, together with the representatives of the Department of Housing and Utilities, Energy and Energy Efficiency we discussed the program’s technical objectives and made revisions to it. And also – formed a working group for further development of the program. We agreed on weekly meeting for joint work.

If you are also interested in energy efficiency issues – let us know about it and we will invite you. Energy independence and the welfare of the country are our common deal!
For more information, please contact:
Inna Mulyavka, press officer for NGO “EcoClub”
Tel .: 0673634097