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Support for energy managers while the war: Oleksandr Korchma

Support for energy managers while the war: Oleksandr Korchma

Prior to the full-scale war, Oleksandr Korchma worked as the head of the Energy Management and Energy Efficiency Sector of the Investment, Energy Efficiency and External Relations Department of the Sloviansk City Administration.

He has been temporarily out of work since April 1 and has been forced to leave his home and is currently in the Kirovohrad oblast.

He mentions his city and work as follows: “Sloviansk is a resort town with mineral healing muds, and deposits of refractory clays have led to the development of ceramic production. Sloviansk has 44 institutions of general secondary and out-of-school education, 11 treatment-and-prophylactic institutions, sports and cultural activities provide 20 locations. In total, it is 110 budget buildings with a total consumption of about 25 million kilowatt hours of energy per year.

The first steps towards the city’s energy efficiency were the signing of the European Covenant of Mayors initiative and the approval of the 2030 Sustainable Energy Action Plan, the introduction of a system of daily monitoring of energy consumption by budget buildings. “

Alexander has participated in USAID, Energy Efficiency and Climate Projects and NEFCO projects. Among the latest work achievements described by Oleksandr is the thermal modernization of two outpatient buildings and the installation of 657 street LED lamps.

“Energy savings are about 45 %, in monetary terms it is 650 thousand hryvnias annually. The amount of NEFCO international technical assistance spent on projects is € 1,065,000.

Today, together with the specialists of the GIZ international technical assistance project, we solve the main administrative and organizational issues, collect data and make an inventory of all buildings, conduct benchmarking and visualize the data in the portfolio analysis chart.

I am confident that together we will implement the best Ukrainian and international practices in energy management and make the Sloviansk community a model of energy efficiency in Ukraine.”

Ecoclub is pleased that with the informational support of the Energie- und Umweltzentrum Allgäu gemeinnützige GmbH, Klaus Hoppe Consulting and other colleagues, it is able to support Tetiiana and other energy managers of Ukrainian communities in the fierce battlefield or from cities that affected by the aggressor’s missile and bomb strikes.

So far, we have helped 22 energy managers with donations in the amount of 100 euros and we have about 20 more applications.

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