Hand over the old batteries!

Already for four years Ecoclub is engaged in project on collection of batteries. This initiative dates back to June 2013, when the project was launched in the city of Dnipro by NGO EkoDnipro. Today it is an all-Ukrainian volunteer project that has 1500 points of battery acceptance throughout Ukraine!

Its main goal is to collect and transfer spent batteries for recycling to preserve the environment.
In 2014-2016, Ecoclub managed to collect and transport over 700 kg of spent batteries in the city of Dnipro. Indifferent people, who wish the old batteries and accumulators do not fall into the landfill, bring them to the collection points with confidence that the waste will be safely disposed of.

The batteries brought to Ecoclub are checked. One third of them are those that are still working but have less power than the new ones! So before you “write off”, carefully check your batteries.
The battery collection project is still in the active phase. Currently, its coordinator is Mary Sydoruk, member of Ecoclub.

List of items where you can use the batteries in Rivne

Do you want to open your own office in your home, office? Follow the instructions:

1. Find a project curator in your city. Look for his contacts in the project group (you can find the contacts of the regional project coordinator in your city on our site http://batareiky.in.ua/ in the “Contacts” section.
2. Get a printing kit. Take the polygraph with the curator. The sticker is placed on the container, and the poster is next to it.
3. Install the container. Choose what you like: a large PET bottle or a container for loose products. Place the container in a prominent place where many people pass. The stairway entrance, the reception of the office, the corridor of the educational institution or the passage of the enterprise will be suitable.
4. Let us know about the new item. At batareiky@gmail.com, send the name of the city, address, type of place (entrance, school or office), the date of creation of the item.
5. Share the news. Let your neighbors, friends, colleagues, students and students know about the new item! Tell them about the damage from the batteries.
6. Transfer the batteries for recycling.

Project Page on Facebook (Rivne)
Project page in Facebook (national)
Website of the project

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