05 Dec 2017

New Year’s Ecoсlub Workshop

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Ecoclub, together with the members of the organization and visitors, created a winter mood and a festive atmosphere by decorating New Year decorations for the home. Owls from cones, Christmas carvings for the door, Christmas trees and Christmas tree decorations from dried fruits – all of the products are made of natural materials and handicrafts.. read more →

In the German city of Bonn, from 6 to 17 November, will take place the United Nations negotiations (COP23) on climate change. The negotiations will be attended by both the official Ukrainian delegation and the representatives of leading Ukrainian environmental organizations that are experts in this field. In 2017, the destruction caused by hurricanes, floods.. read more →

27 Oct 2017

Energy saving in our homes!


Under such a slogan on October 25, Ecoclub held classes for pupils 1-4 and 6-7 in Dubno. In two hours we had time to play a quiz, draw energy-efficient homes and talk about the eco-skills of children. It is nice to join the formation of the eco-values of the pupils and to see that children.. read more →

Feel a lack of green urban spaces in Rivne? Join us to create or improve them! On October 21, join the city picnic, an event that aimed to bring together the community, business and government in the area of improving public spaces. We will meet in the park at Grabnik to restore this recreational area.. read more →

The CLEEN project, coordinating in Ukraine by Ecoclub, for three years of activity led to the creation of a network of experienced public organizations involved in local energy policies, primarily energy efficiency. The organizations continue to work together by launching the first public assessment in Eastern Europe of action plans for sustainable energy development of.. read more →

A cozy picnic in the wood, an energetic quest in the city, eco-quiz and a Green Party for Friends – its 20th anniversary Ecoclub celebrate with distributing environmental values among the people. Talking about the love of nature and its conservation in an interesting and unusual format, we organized a series of events, which were.. read more →

Hot summer has ended and pleasant autumn weather, when the air is fresh and inspires aromas, calls us to escape nature for at least a few hours! On the occasion of the celebration of its 20th anniversary, the Ecoclub invites everyone wishing to take a photo-sightseeing excursion to the Dermansko-Ostrozkii National Park. In our program:.. read more →

July 27-29 a training session on “Steps to effective activism” was held in Poltava oblast. The head of the Ecoclub Andriy Martynyuk shared with the participants of the event the experience of cooperation with major foreign donors, told about the key factors for writing competitive project proposals and the formation of viable projects. The event.. read more →

Ecoclub has attended training on the introduction of daily monitoring of energy consumption for budget institutions in Uzhgorod. Dmytro Sakalyuk, Energy Efficiency Expert at Ecoclub and one of the developers of the Energy Balance Program, spoke on the peculiarities of the introduction of energy monitoring and the principles of the “Energy Balance” work through which.. read more →

80% of its time and resources, the Ecoclub is committed to raising local energy efficiency. Why? Because energy efficiency: – it is saved and aimed at improving the welfare of the community funds (new kindergartens, hospitals, roads); – creation of new jobs; – taxes to the local budget (due to the provision of insulation services,.. read more →