On June 24 and 25, in the Korolenko square in Rivne, the activists of Ecoclub launched an exhibition to demonstrate how solar water heaters work. According to environmentalists, the state budget for 2017 allocated a 60 times less for energy efficiency than energy subsidies. However, we believe that energy efficiency should be among the first.. read more →

There are a number of financial instruments in Ukraine (energy service contracts, revolving funds, state lending programs), which allow Ukrainians to raise money for the insulation of their homes as well as other energy efficiency measures. How to use them,  where to begin, the insulation of the house,  the benefits of condominiums, and how to.. read more →

17 Jun 2017


In May 21-31 the Ecoclub went on an information tour “Energy Independence – Our Common Deal.” How to save energy in everyday life, gain energy independence for own homes, how to “make” the sun work for ourselves and how to make cities greener – eco-activists and experts from leading environmental protection organizations told about these.. read more →

On May 19-20, Ecoclub visited Chortkiv (Ternopil oblast). As part of the celebration of Sustainable Energy Days, activists held an renewable energy exhibition, told visitors about the benefits of solar technology and shared their experiences in energy efficiency. Illia Yeremenko, Project Coordinator of Ecoclub, conducted an interactive lecture on energy saving and energy efficiency for.. read more →

Location: Rivne, Zhytomyr, Khmelnytsky, Vinnytsia and Volyn regions. Dates: 01.07.16 – 31.12.16 Donors to the action: Deutsch-Russischer Austausch (Berlin) Objectives and results of the action: The project aim: permanently mobilize the potentials of active young citizens in environmental protection, to expand the number of people committed in environmental NGOs and to take up socially urgent environmental issues.. read more →

Energy independence is growing in cities within Ukraine. In May, the All-Ukrainian Information Tour “Energy Independence – Our Common Thing” was held. How to save energy in everyday life, gain energy independence for your own home, how to “make” the sun work for you, and how to make cities greener are some of the topics.. read more →

On April 12, in Minsk (Belarus)  representatives of local authorities, public organizations from the 3 districts of Belarus  and the Department of Energy Efficiency of the Republic of Belarus got together and held a training on energy management and monitoring. During the training Dmytro Sakalyuk, an energy efficiency expert of Ecoclub, presented on the experience.. read more →

03 Apr 2017

The Earth Hour-2017 with Ecoclub


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21 Feb 2017

Energy of Change 2016


Location: Rivne, Ukraine Dates: 09.16 – 12.16 Donors to the action: HEINRICH BOLL FOUNDATION, Deutsch-Russischer Austausch (Berlin) Objectives and results of the action: The project aim: to increase the capacity of local teams, initiatives and organizations working in the areas of climate change and Ukrainian energy through the establishment of internal and external links and the creation of.. read more →

Location: Rivne, Ukraine Dates: 1.11.16 – 15.12.16  Donors to the action: HEINRICH BÖLL FOUNDATION Objectives and results of the action: The project aim: attracting the public attention to energy saving problems in residential buildings and budget facilities in the city of Rivne through thermal imagery of secondary schools and energy audits of condominiums. • 10 secondary.. read more →